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The most powerful CEOs in America
Bezos has increased Amazon products offerings over the years so that the company is a major force in consumer electronics, clothing, software, toys and even groceries ... Ellison has several extremely expensive hobbies, including the support of an entry ...
After years of waiting, Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans eager for tonight’s championship football game
From a portrait-sized replica of the 22-cent Knute Rockne postage stamp, to Leprechaun toys and ... Dame home games since 1967, he said he gets tickets whenever he can and dispenses them to friends and fellow fans. “I’ve got two main hobbies, chasing ...
How to Have a Game Night: Part One
Let’s say your current collection consists old “classics” like Monopoly, Life ... and I don’t mean Toys R Us. Check the yellow pages for “Games” or sometimes “Hobbies.” Unfortunately, I’ve found that many phone books don’t have a ...
Word has it that Scrabble is nation's No1
And consumers are indulging their rediscovered hobbies during evenings in ... Traditional toys are also garnering interest online. The most searched-for board games on eBay are Monopoly, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, chess and Cluedo.
Mother’s Day essays
She taught me how to play board games. My mom reads big books. She likes to play board games. She likes funny movies. She tucks me in at night. She buys me toys. She gives me very ... Me and my mom play baseball, Monopoly, Bighead and even cards.
The games people play
Of course, board games vary; there’s strategic games like chess and checkers, life-oriented games such as Clue and Monopoly, and word games like ... while browsing the toys at Family Dollar on Broadway. “But I have four little boys at home.