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Penn State's John Urschel has love for math and football
John Urschel arrived at the Penn State football building one morning last week in a T-shirt. That's hardly unusual sartorial fare for a Big Ten lineman ... Penn State coach Bill O'Brien thinks he can. "John is strong. He's smart.
Heynckes rules out Barcelona role
However, he told Germany's Sky Sport News that he is enjoying his time away from the game. "I'm keeping myself busy with hobbies and sport ... scored 14 goals in a 79-0 win in one of two fixed play-off games involving amateur teams seeking promotion ...
New Research Indicating Hi-Tech Toys Can be Detrimental to Kids
(EMAILWIRE.COM, July 20, 2013 ) San Francisco, CA -- The excess of use regarding touchscreen devices like tablets and smartphones may in fact hamper a child's develop, lead to poorer eyesight and lead to addictive qualities, a new study is suggesting.
ASTRA Announces Best Toys for Kids 2013
The American Specialty Toy and Retailing Association (ASTRA) has announced the winners of the annual Best Toys for Kids 2013 awards ... Specially designed to float when taken into the bathtub or pool. No BPA, phthalates, PVC or external ...
Why your Chihuahua should have toys and games to play
Toys play an important role for your dog, including the little Chihuahua ... It is not only the big dogs that love to play fetch and chase games but these little guys as well. They love to cuddle up with their favorite toys and take the squeak ...
OEJ ~ Pathfinder RPG ~ Adventure Path ~ Curse of the Crimson Throne ~ Hardcover
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Guide to City State of the Invincible Overlord w/Booklets - 1976 - Judges Guild
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Collection of Ebberon Sourcebooks for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 
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