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The Fall 2010 Anime Preview Guide
came upon the world of anime after being introduced to some dangerous friends and their dangerous hobbies. Ten years later he has sunk thousands of dollars into DVDs he never watches, manga volumes he never reads, and a CLAMP-themed chess set he never plays.
Greece v Czech Republic: live
We know a wonderful place filled with toys, giant cakes, pretty candies ... bit more defensive solidity for his side this afternoon. All puns about games being akin to chess match and Czechmate went out the window as Russia tore through them ...
Cashing in on parental hopes
There is a toy library that lends rare toys from across the world to ... However, some varied extra-curricular activities and hobbies are a welcome change with academically inclined games and activities, like chess, Vedic Mathematics and the use of the ...
3D printing for fun and profit: a serious hobby grows up
If 3D printing follows the trajectory of other revolutionary technologies — for example, the internet — it will fail to be an immediate game changer ... fingering the 3D printed chess pieces, and asking questions about the Eiffel Tower.